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Angel Loop support a financially literate early-stage investment community in Australia. Angel Loop has partnered with UQ Ventures to develop public education programs to provide pathways for all Australian’s to participate in early stage investing

QEI Qualification   

PEI Qualification

What is a QEI (Qualified Early-stage Investor) Certificate and why does AngelLoop use it?

While all Angel Meetings are open to the public. ASIC places restrictions on who is permitted to invest. Only sophisticated Investors are permitted to take up offers of securities from businesses presented at an Angel Loop supported Angel Meeting.As part of its charitable purpose Angel Loop has established the QEI process for the public benefit to ensure all members of the community with the “inclination and capacity” are able to participate. The QEI process supports two routes to be classed as Sophisticated. 

  1. By Wealth  (A letter from An AFSL licensee is satisfied on reasonable grounds as described in Section 708(8) and x761G(7) or
  2. An AFSL licensee is satisfied on reasonable grounds as described in Section 708(10) and s761GA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth.) that the person to whom the offer is made has previous experience in investing in securities that allows them to assess: the merits of the offer 
  • the value of the securities 
  • the risks involved in accepting the offer 
  • their own information needs 
  • the adequacy of the information given by the person making the offer

Upcoming Qualified Early-stage Investor Courses

Feb 29, 2024


All day
308 Queen Street, Brisbane City,
Mar 21, 2024


All day
L8 45 St Georges Terrace. Perth, Western Australia 6000,

What is a PEI (Professional Early-stage Investor) and do I need it?

The Professional Early-State Investor (PEI) is in its design phase. Please check back later.