Australian ESIC Fund

Australia’s first fund designed to make Angel Investment accessible to any Australian with the inclination and capacity. The fund will Invest $1000 into up to the next 25 startup businesses Angel Loop syndicate invests into, giving investors the opportunity to be an Angel Investor without the associated risk and obtain full ESIC (Early-stage Innovation Company) tax concessions including 20% Carried-forward Tax Offset and 10 Year CGT holiday.  You must be a sophisticated Investor to participate.  Courses to gain sophisticated status can be found here.

Angel Loop Syndicates

Interested in building your own Investment Syndicate?

Angel Investing is best done in a group. Create your own private or public investment syndicates and meetings and choice your own investment opportunities or select opportunities from the Angels Australia Network. Angel Loop will provide the the support that will you gain access to the Angels Australia Network deal flow. The only rule is that the group must operate under Angel Loop Auspices and all Investors (not attendees) must be sophisticated. Courses to gain sophisticate status can be found here.

Join an existing community Angel Group?

Angels Australia Network

As an Investor, you are welcome to join Australia’s largest Angel Investor Syndicate. The Angels Australia Network brings together the top experienced community Angel Investor groups from around Australia to invest as one syndicate into the most promising Australian Early-stage Innovative Businesses.  Look for an Angel Group near you.

Angel Bond

Charitable Investment Scheme to support greater Research and Development funding

Angel Bond can accept investments only on behalf of Angel Loop and its subscribers or associated entities with similar public benefit such as Angels Australia.